Contribute with open data or content

Why contribute?

By contributing, your organisation gets:

  • Attention, both for the organisation in general and the cultural heritage content you are contributing with.
  • A chance to see the content developed or connected to other organisations´ content. Participants will have the opportunity to be creative in different ways, and to use computers or other tools and materials during the process.
  • To be a part of a Nordic context: Since Hack4Heritage is one out of four national events and hackathons (one Finnish, one Danish, one Swedish and one Norwegian) being held in 2016 through a Nordic cooperation on open cultural data, content from other Nordic countries will also be connected to the event.
  • The possibility to receive input from participants regarding your organisation’s data or content.


Contribute – how?

What open data or other open content? During Hack4Heritage, open cultural heritage data or content with a Swedish or Nordic origin will be used. Your organisation is free to choose what open data or other content – with a Swedish or Nordic origin – you prefer to contribute during Hack4Heritage. Remember that nothing is too big or small! You never know how a particular resource will be used during a hackathon, which is part of the point. We welcome all kinds of open cultural heritage data and content (such as pictures, sounds, videos etc.).

How soon? Your organisation is welcome to contribute open cultural heritage data or content little by little, if it isn’t possible to create access to everything at once. A big advantage in contributing data or content early on is that we will then have time to communicate the data/content further and give potential participants the possibility to start thinking about ideas connected to them.

Requirements for open data: The only requirement for the open data during Hack4Heritage is that they have at least one star according to Tim Berners Lee’s 5-star Open Data Scheme and Digisam’s recommendation for open data (for one star it is enough that the data is available on the web and has an open license).

Requirements for other open content: The only requirement for other open content is that it is marked with the Public Domain Mark (PDM) or licensed with an open license: CC0, CC-BY or CC BY-SA. Here you can read more about the licenses.

Pitching and answering questions: During Friday evening, organisations having contributed open cultural heritage data or content will be given the opportunity to present these during 1-2 minutes. Everything that is happening on stage will be in English, including the presentations. Before and during the event, participants might have questions regarding the data or content – therefore you need to fill in contact information to a person who will be able to answer such questions (in person at the event or through e-mail).

Communication: Your organisation is of course welcome to reach out in your own communications channels with information regarding your contribution to the event, and to tell the world about the winners that will be appointed during the event (perhaps they created something with your data or content!).

Can we also create something at the event? You are also welcome to participate and create new solutions and creations during Hack4Heritage


Please contact project manager

Contribute open data or content here

Here you fill in information about the data or content. If there are more than one open dataset or several content types, you are more than welcome to fill in the form more than once (one time per dataset/content). If there is a link available to a website where several datasets/content (belonging to your organisation) are collected, and where the information below can be found, you are welcome to fill in information regarding this website. Last day to submit the form is the 1st of October.